With nearly 30 years of experience in water and wastewater, and having held every position in the arena from Operator to Executive Management positions, we have extensive knowledge in our field of expertise and are extremely familiar with the regulatory requirements set forth by the state of Virginia, DPOR, DEQ, and the VDH.  We understand the needs of the customer and the importance of dealing with issues that may arise.   Our Operator is a state-licensed, DPOR-approved Class I Wastewater operator (the highest you can obtain), Class III Water Operator, and holds an Alternative Onsite Sewage System Operator (AOSS) license which covers alternative and conventional sewage systems.    Why is this important?   Coming from a water and wastewater background, it provides a better understanding of your AOSS functions, testing and reporting requirements, as well as all Regulations and laws pertaining to your system.

Alternative Systems Inspection Services offers  No Contract  /  Limited Contract Services  

We believe in the freedom of choice.   


We are a big proponent in the freedom to choose when it comes to service.  The limited contract services that we offer are simply that - a limited time contract should you want to contract our services.  All Limited Contract Agreements are for 1 year and are renewable annually should both parties agree to do so; all other AOSS systems we service are still  required to have annual inspections, however these would be on a No Contract Agreement (i.e., "hire-at-will") - again the choice is yours whether to contract or not.

The Benefits of "Hiring At Will" vs Being Contracted:

Simply put, most people do not like being under a contract agreement for a specified amount of time.  Do you like being tied to your cell phone company?   We know we don’t!   With a “hire at will”, there is no long term contract (typically 3 years) that you get locked into - you are not obligated and stuck in a long term 3 year contract.  You have the freedom to hire any DPOR licensed AOSS operator you wish to perform your required yearly inspections, maintenance, and if necessary, repairs. 

Some people like being contracted, and that’s fine too, however there are other considerations and factors when doing so that one must explore.  Will you be able to pay up front for the full contract amount (typically 3 years)? Will the company be able to maintain all the contract schedules when yearly inspections and maintenance come due?   When you have an emergency and are under contract, can they get to you in a timely manner?   Will they maintain their current number of licensed Operators to keep up with demand?   If you should move, does the contract convey to the next buyer?  Will you be happy being locked into a contract if you are not happy with their services?  These are just some of the factors to consider and questions that may arise. 

While all AOSS systems must be inspected at least annually by a licensed AOSS Operator, the only AOSS systems that must be contracted are those systems that must be inspected quarterly, bi-annually, and / or have open / above ground discharge.

Remember, you are not mandated to be under contract unless you have specific AOSS systems!  Do NOT let someone tell you that you must be contracted for any other reason, as it simply is not true.

What Services We Provide

Alternative Systems Inspection Services will perform all required inspections and testing of your system to ensure that it is working properly.  If a deficiency is noted, you will be informed and can have us fix the problem, or you may have someone else perform the repairs.  We will provide you with a Service Report (as outlined in  12VAC5-613-190. Report)  that includes such information as date of site visit, findings of site visit, results of any laboratory sampling that have been taken (if required), and we will provide the required reports to the VDH.   We will also provide you with a copy of the entire report for your records, as well as maintain a copy in our office,  making certain that you are always in compliance with reporting protocol.  If you need to have your system serviced, we can assist with that as well.   When your yearly inspection is coming due, a courtesy reminder will be sent out to you via the postal service so you do not miss any deadlines.

We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality service at reasonable rates.  We want our customers to be satisfied with our services  during their inspection experience.  Rapport with the customer is of utmost importance, so if you have questions, we're happy to provide answers and ease your concerns.  We believe that in doing so, this in turn will provide us with repeat customers year after year. 

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